Modules will be available here as they are developed. During this development, early access to all premium modules will be available for free.
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AMP Frame 1.2


Framework core - all you need to get started.

  • MVC Architecture
  • Clean URL's built in
  • Bootstrap 4 supported
  • Multiple template/skin system
  • Unlimited expansion

Help module included to understand creating your own projects.

BS4 Project sample included to play around with.

AMP Frame Mini 1.2


Framework core - just the basics.

  • MVC Architecture
  • Clean URL's built in
  • Bootstrap 4 supported
  • Multiple template/skin system
  • Unlimited expansion

For a clean start to your design, this installation only comes with the landing and error pages.

Contact Form 1.0


Contact Form for AMP Frame.

  • Send to multiple recepients
  • Hidden spam protection using nonce

This is the same contact form used here.

Simple Download 1.1


Simple file downloads for AMP Frame.

  • File location protection
  • Direct access restricted

This is the same downloader you are using here.

Admin Module 1.1


Admin Module base for AMP Frame.

Implement an admin dashboard when you only need one sign in to administer the site.

  • No database required
  • Admin update from the dashboard or direct to file.

Data Tag 1.1

extension mysql

Data Tag extension for AMP Frame.

Replace tags with data from any database field by running the text through this filter.

  • Simple to install, just 2 global functions.
  • Can query any available database table.
  • Great addition to use with the Dynamic Content module.

Dynamic Content 1.1

premium module mysql

Dynamic Content Module for AMP Frame.

Set up content zones that can be changed from an administration dashboard.

  • Requires admin dashboard like the Admin Module.
  • Integrated with summerNote rich text editor for BS4.
  • Easy to call any zone and insert directly on the page.

User Module 1.1

premium module mysql

User Module base for AMP Frame.

Implement a user management system.

  • Guests plus access roles for users, mods and admins
  • Passwords salted and peppered
  • Password recovery wizard

Secret Message 1.1

module mysql

Secret Message Cipher for AMP Frame.

Keep messages sent over the internet secret.

  • Uses our own rotational cipher
  • Simple copy and paste
  • Auto destruct option
  • Must be read where created

So secret, we can't even read it unless you give us the encrypted text.

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